6 Types of Teachers Found Outside Classrooms

“Nothing can dim a light that shines from within.” ­

– Maya Angelou

When we talk about teachers, who first came into your mind? Probably the lecturer back in your school days? Or that tutor who spent hours guiding you through lessons to ensure you understood what was taught in class?

This coming Friday, 6 September 2019, our nation celebrates the selfless service and commitment of educators. It is a day dedicated to individuals who exemplified their commitment to give us the best lessons possible and beyond syllabus from time to time.

But what about the teachers we stumbled upon outside of classrooms who made an impact in our lives? It is time for us to acknowledge and shower them with our appreciation too!

1. Skilled-Instructors

The spectrum of instructors alone is huge. From music to sports, these instructors dutifully conduct these lessons from the planning to the execution of the classes. Their passion to be skilled in this area has led them to this stage where they are able to share with us their expertise. So, the next time you attend their classes, give them the recognition they deserve! It could be as simple as recommending them to your peers.

2. Mentors

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There are countless professions that we should shed light on, just like chefs who works long hours in the kitchen. While these chefs cook up a storm of delicious dishes for their customers, their apprentices look up to them like mentors, who would pass down their skills, so that culinary traditions will never be lost. Are there any other professions you hope to give thanks to?

3. Online Tutors

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As technology advances, learning has become way more limitless! These online tutors feed us with our curiosity, giving us insights and valuable skills. Certainly, you may not meet them ever in your life, but you could leave a good review online for them! An act of appreciation sure goes a long way!

4. Your Parents

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What’s more to say? Our parents have been our lifelong teachers, accompanying us through the milestones wherever possible. Their countless sacrifices and (naggings) have shaped us to be better individuals in life. Reciprocate the love we get from our parents by giving them a hug, or taking them out for a nice meal today!

5. Your Kids

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We were all once a kid, and as kids, we often caught our parents off guard. When we’re young, we play hard. As we grow older, we lose sight of the inner child we always have. It became a cycle: learning from the young will always teach us how to have fun amid the responsibilities and struggles life may throw us with. 

6. You

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Congratulations for making it this far! The journey of life hasn’t been easy, but all the experiences you gained over the years deserve so much more recognition than ever. You play the biggest role as a teacher and a student. Never undermine your efforts and remember to give thanks to yourself.


Teaching is and will always be a noble profession. Be it inside or outside classrooms, let’s celebrate this day for the teachers who deserve our fullest respect! Take a moment to express your gratitude to those who have taught you lessons beyond school curriculum.

Wish your teachers a “Happy Teachers’ Day!” today!

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