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About Astalift

An award-winning anti-aging skincare brand from Japan, ASTALIFT was created by FUJIFILM through careful research on skin science. An advanced skincare technology delivers radiant, youthful-looking skin from within.

Visit www.astalift.com.sg

Spend $1, earn 0.33 Linkpoints

Linkpoints Award

Earn Linkpoints: $1 = 0.33 Linkpoints (in-store only)

Redeem Linkpoints: 100 Linkpoints = $1 (in-store only)

Terms and Conditions

• Linkpoints issuance is applicable only to in-store purchases.
• Link Rewards card must be presented to be eligible for Linkpoints.
• Linkpoints issuance is applicable only to Link members.
• Linkpoints are issued for all purchases (except for facial and treatment), over and above all promotions.
• Linkpoints redemption in store is applicable for any purchases
• Astalift and NTUC Link reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.