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Spend $1, earn 2 Linkpoints

About BusOnlineTicket.com

BusOnlineTicket.com is a one-stop online booking portal for bus tickets featuring bus operators in both Singapore and Malaysia, with over 3,000 routes running between the two countries. Book tickets to cities like Penang and more from anywhere, with its user-friendly booking system.

Visit www.busonlineticket.com

Spend $1, earn 2 Linkpoints

Linkpoints Award

Earn Linkpoints: $1 = 2 Linkpoints (online)

Redeem Linkpoints: 100 Linkpoints = $1 (online)

How to earn & redeem Linkpoints with BusOnlineTicket.com

1. Log in to BusOnlineTicket.com account.

2. In your member dashboard, authenticate yourself as a Link member via "Plus! Connect" button.

3. Upon successful authentication, your Link membership will be linked to your BusOnlineTicket.com account.

4.You may now earn & redeem Linkpoints when you book online on BusOnlineTicket.com!


Terms and Conditions

• Linkpoints are issued for both website and mobile application.
• Linkpoints issuance is applicable only to Link Members who link their Link Membership to BusOnlineTicket.com account.
• Linkpoints issuance is not applicable for previous bookings made before the customer linked their Link Membership and BusOnlineTicket.com account.
• Linkpoints are issued for all bus, train and ferry tickets purchases, over and above all promotions.
• Base rate of 2 LinkPoints per $1 spent will automatically be credited into member's account upon successful payment and completed booking.
• Redeemed Linkpoints will only be deducted upon successful payment.
BusOnlineTicket.com and NTUC Link reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.