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2 Linkpoints per litre

About Caltex

Techron® only in Caltex fuels, is a specially-formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean and protects harmful deposits build up in vital engine parts, to deliver optimal and longer-lasting performance.
Experience the cleaning power of Techron® for yourself at any Caltex Station today.

Visit www.caltex.com/sg

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2 Linkpoints per litre

Linkpoints Award

Earn Linkpoints: 1 litre of fuel = 2 Linkpoints

Redeem Linkpoints: 100 Linkpoints = $1


Terms and Conditions

• Issuance of Linkpoints is valid for indoor and outdoor payment for fuel purchases only.
• For indoor payment, Link Rewards card must be presented to the cashier prior to payment to be eligible for Linkpoints.
• For outdoor payment, Link Rewards card must be inserted into the Outdoor Fuel Payment Terminal to be eligible for Linkpoints.
• For Trust Cards, please proceed in-store for Linkpoints isssuance.
• Linkpoints redemption is valid for fuel purchases and not valid for purchases made with a Caltex StarCard. Valid for indoor payment only. Every 100 Linkpoints = $1 worth of redemption.
• Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd and NTUC Link Pte Ltd reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.