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Spend $1, earn 3.33 Linkpoints

About Lim & Tan Securities

Lim & Tan Securities was established in 1973. Its main activity is stock broking and the main focus of the company is the retail market. Believing in providing cutting-edge technology to its clients, Lim & Tan Securities was amongst the first to introduce Internet Share Trading in Singapore in October 1998.

In line with its belief in providing a fast and convenient way for clients to trade shares online, multiple channels are provided for clients to access its easy-to-navigate Online trading platform to check prices and trade. This includes the Mobile trading channel using mobile phones, where clients can view streaming live prices, which was added in June 2008. Subsequently in 2011 and early 2012, it introduced iPhone, Android and iPad Apps for more convenient on-the-go trading under its Online trading brand name, limtan.com.sg.

Currently, Lim & Tan Securities offers a unique web chart where clients can view up to 10 years of data, set and receive real-time alerts and signals. It also allows clients to select counters to compare using Performance Chart and to insert trade comments for subsequent reference.

Visit www.limtan.com.sg

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Spend $1, earn 3.33 Linkpoints

Linkpoints Award

Earn 3.33 Linkpoints for every $1 brokerage paid. 

You can also redeem your Linkpoints at Lim & Tan Securities. For every 100 Linkpoints, you will have a redemption value of $1. 

Here are some benefits of redeeming your Linkpoints at Lim & Tan Securities:

  • Offset your brokerage payments with Lim & Tan. 
  • Pay for your contracts and contras. 
  • Subscribe for live prices, market depth and SMS alerts.

Terms and Conditions

Earn Linkpoints: $1 = 3.33 Linkpoints

For every $1 brokerage paid, 3.33 Linkpoints will be awarded.

For example,
Total trade value = $40,000 (Quantity x Price)
Commission paid = $40,000 x 0.28% = $112
Linkpoints awarded = 372.96

• Linkpoints issuance and redemption are applicable only to Link members.

• For full terms and conditions, please visit https://www.limtan.com.sg/page/site/public/rewards-programme-terms-conditions.jsp

• Lim & Tan Securities and NTUC Link reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.